Bennett rejects Netanyahu's offer to head the government for year

Bennett rejects Netanyahu's offer to head the government for year

Benjamin Netanyahu

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Chairman of the "Yamena" Party Naftali Bennett rejected the offer of the Israeli Government's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who had served as President of the Government for one year and then assumed the presidency for the remaining three years.


According to a reporter from Al-Hora Channel, Bennett rejected "the lack of a majority with him to form a government.



Netanyahu had announced his approval of Bennett as Head of Government in the first year and he thus holds the presidency of the Government.


On April 6, Israeli President Rufin Rivlin asked Netanyahu to form a government and give him 28 days to do the job. If he fails to do so, he can request the President to extend two weeks and If the failure continues, the President is assigned another candidate or the Parliament is asked to choose another.


The Israeli elections held on 23 March, the fourth in two years, ended without the right wing, led by Netanyahu, nor a potential coalition of its opponents have won a parliamentary majority.


Early last month, in announcing Netanyahu's choice to form a Government, Rivlin questioned whether he would succeed or whether any other potential candidate could complete the task.


He said, "Unfortunately, I have the impression that none of the candidates at this stage have a real chance of forming a government. A government that would win a vote of confidence in Parliament. "


Netanyahu was optimistic, however, and told his conservative Likud Party that "the task is not easy but not impossible. Target accessible. I think we can do that. "


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