What's the cause of India's epidemic disaster with the corona virus?

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has uncovered the mystery of the "catastrophe" facing India as a result of the corona virus outbreak.


The Organization said according to Reuters, "People in India are needlessly scrambling for hospitals that have exacerbated the crisis."


The organization added: "The crisis is increasing and the cases are rising insanely, due to large populations, the emergence of highly contagious strains and low vaccination rates."


Deaths from the pandemic in India are close to 200,000, hospitals no longer have enough oxygen and beds, and they have begun to refrain from receiving the infected.


Spokesman Tariq Yasarevich said that it "provides the necessary equipment and supplies to India, including 4,000 oxygen generators that need only a power source."


"Less than 15% of the infected are actually in need of hospitalization, and less oxygen is needed," Yasarevich added.


He continued: "At the moment, part of the problem is that many are rushing to hospitals because they don't have access to information or advice, even though health care at home can be managed safely."


Yesterday, on Monday, India recorded a world record number of daily corona infections, more than 352 thousand, for the fifth consecutive day, as well as the highest number of HIV deaths in 24 hours.


The total number of cases was more than 17 million, while the deaths were 198,899.


Incinerators and cemeteries in India have been unable to absorb the bodies of the dead after the high number of deaths from the Corona virus.


Cemetery areas in the Indian capital of New Delhi are running out, and incandescent funeral incinerators are lighting up the night sky in other badly damaged cities.