Two prisoners enter new years in occupation prisons

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Gaza post


Two prisoners have entered two new years in Israeli occupation prisons.


Prisoner Ahmed Kabna (51) of Jericho entered his 25th consecutive year in occupation prisons, since his arrest in 1997.


The prisoner club said that Ahmed was a prisoner's dean who had spent more than 20 years, was sentenced to six years in prison, and his daughter was two and a half years old, while his wife was pregnant with his daughter, Zahra.


During the years of his arrest, the prisoner Kabna  had a child by way of sperm, which he called Rafif, who is now 7 years old, and is currently the grandfather of two grandchildren. During his years of detention, his father was lost.


It is reported that over the past few years, he has started to suffer from health problems and is currently in Raymond Prison.


Prisoner Eyad Nather Omar, 39, from Jenin camp, has entered his 20th year in occupation prisons since his arrest in 2002.


The prisoner Omar was subjected to a harsh investigation following his arrest, and was subsequently sentenced to 24 years' imprisonment by the occupation. During his years of detention, his parents had been lost and the occupation had deprived him of their goodbyes, and his family had faced the long denial of access, the majority of whose members were so far deprived.


The prisoner club noted that during his entire years Omar was able to complete his studies and obtained a bachelor's degree in sociology.