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Three reasons for withdrawal of English clubs from European Super League

Three reasons for withdrawal of English clubs from European Super League

European Super League

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The collective withdrawal of English clubs from the European Super Championship came as a knockout for the competition, which collapsed 48 hours after it was announced.


The clubs of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea have announced their retreat from the European Super Championship.


The withdrawal followed strong public rejection of the move, as well as international and European opposition to the game, and local federations threatening clubs with exclusion from their tournaments.


The successive withdrawal of English clubs, Tuesday, raised doubts about a collective pressure that has led to a unified position, but reports have revealed 3 reasons for the move.



Financial Support

Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo has revealed a surprising reason 6 English clubs withdrew from the European Super League.


The newspaper said that UEFA had tempted English clubs to provide financial support if they decided to withdraw from the tournament.


The source points out that this offer was only for England clubs, not for Spanish clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, or for Italian clubs Juventus, Milan and Inter that announced participation in the tournament.


The newspaper said that the European Union's decision not to offer financial support to Spanish or Italian clubs was for two reasons: English teams are the biggest block in the 6-seat tournament and their withdrawal means the championship has failed.


The second reason is that the European Union believes that Florentino Pérez, President of Real Madrid, and Andrea Annielli, President of Juventus, are the masterminds of the tournament, and therefore negotiation with Spanish and Italian clubs can be difficult.


Withdrawal of Sponsors 

However, the English press revealed another reason for the six clubs to decline to participate in the European Super, namely the threats of English league sponsors to withdraw under the public rejection of the tournament.


The sponsors fear the anger of the English public, if they adopt a pro - Superleague stance, that will take their toll, especially Amazon Prime, the digital carrier of English league matches.


All Rejected

The British newspaper Mirur also reported that political pressure in Britain and statements by the British Cabinet to reject the tournament, as well as the participation of many players and coaches in the rejection campaign, led to English clubs responding to these voices.


A crowd of six English clubs were in demonstrations to denounce participation in the tournament, which was described as unfair, and which would harm a large number of European clubs.

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