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Two prisoners enters their 20 years in occupation prisons

Two prisoners enters their 20 years in occupation prisons
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Gaza post

Two prisoners, entered their 20  years in Israeli occupation prisons, from their arrest in 2002.


Prisoner Khalid Halabi, 44, from the occupied city of Jerusalem, entered his 20th year of detention and is sentenced to 28 years in prison.


In a statement, Prisoner Club said that Halabi had been arrested since he was a minor, faced a harsh investigation for several months, lost his father while in prison and is currently in Raymond prison.


The Club added that the prisoner Monther Noor of Tulkarm had entered his 20th year in the occupation prisons, after his arrest, he was subjected to a harsh and long investigation that lasted several months, the occupation sentenced him to life imprisonment and 30 years, and in 2019 he lost his father and was deprived of his farewell.


During his years of detention, Noor had been able to obtain a master's degree, noting that he was currently in Hadarim prison.

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