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Three Abu Hamid prisoners enter their 20th year in occupation prisons

Three Abu Hamid prisoners enter their 20th year in occupation prisons
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Gaza post

Three brothers prisoner entered from Abu Hamid's family today and tomorrow Thursday, their 20 years in occupation prisons: Nasser, Nasr and Sharif Abu Hamid from the Amari camp in Ramallah, who are among five brothers serving life sentences in occupation prisons.


The Prisoner's Club reported that Nasser is 49 years old and is now in Ashkelon prison, and over the years prior to his arrest in 2002, he was arrested several times since he was a child, with a total of over 30 years of detention.


His brother Nasr, 47, who is in Ashkelon prison, has also been detained since he was a child, and spent a total of 29 years in occupation prisons.


Also their brother Sharif (45 years old) was arrested several times before 2002, and nine years before that he had faced arrests as well as his brothers since he was a child, today he is in Gilboa Prison.


Nasser is serving seven sentences, 50 years in prison, five in prison and four in prison.


It is reported that the three brothers, two other brothers serving life sentences and another brother were killed: Mohammed (38 years) sentenced to two life sentences, 30 years, Islam (35 years) and detained since 2018, Islam (35 years), detained since 2018, sentenced to life imprisonment and 8 years, who had previously spent five and a half years before his arrest in 2018, in occupation prisons, and another brother, Abdel Monim Abu Hamid, killed by occupation in 1994.


It should be noted that, over the past decades, the Israeli occupation authorities have arrested all the children of Abu Hamid's family, as well as their father, and demolished their home five times, most recently in 2019.

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