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World Health: We have tools to Control Corona Pandemic in Few Months

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The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed Monday that it has tools to control the Corona global pandemic, confirming that it will be able to do so in a few months.


The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhnom Ghebresos, said there were sufficient tools to extend control over the pandemic, adding at a conference in Geneva that "we have tools to extend control over the pandemic within several months if we adopt it consistently and fairly," referring to vaccines.


Tedros expressed concern about the extremely rapid spread of the Corona virus among people aged 25 to 59, which could be associated with the most transmitted strains.



He pointed out that the disease had killed 1 million people in 9 months, reaching 2 million in 4 months later, while reaching the level of 3 million in just 3 months.


Since January 2020, the world has been faced with a chronic health crisis caused by the outbreak of the new corona virus "COVID-19," which has been spreading from the Chinese city of Wuhan and has led to huge losses in many sectors of the economy, particularly transport, tourism and leisure, the collapse of global exchanges and the accelerated decline of energy markets.


To date, more than 141 million people worldwide have been infected and some 3.022 million have been killed.