Barcelona Confirms its Dedication to its History

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The Spanish football club Barcelona has confirmed that it will remain "loyal" and "faithful" to its history after agreeing to participate in the founding of the European Super League.


The club  believed that the move was part of the "dramatic changes" required in the world of football.


12 clubs, including six English clubs, three Italian clubs and three Spanish clubs, co-founded this new tournament, which generated huge controversy amid huge opposition from UEFA and local league ties in Europe.


The list of founding clubs for the tournament did not include Germany's Bayern Munich and France's Paris Saint-Germain, who scored last season's Champions League final.



It was reported that the tournament would have 15 clubs participating permanently and five clubs changing according to the criteria of competence and merit established to qualify these non-permanent teams. It was also reported that the first edition of the tournament would be launched as soon as possible.


The six so-called "big six" clubs in England, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham, are listed as the founding clubs of the European Super League.


The list also includes Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid from Spain, Juventus, Milan and Inter Milan from Italy.


While the idea of the tournament has received considerable condemnation in Europe for limiting it to a number of clubs and for the substantial financial revenues to be earned by a closed group of clubs, these founding clubs of the new tournament have confirmed that they are looking to reap their best gains.


Barcelona stated, "Barcelona Club, true to its history and leading role in the framework of European football, is once again setting itself up as a pioneer for the major changes that the world of football needs, and is constantly thinking about how to make the best possible use of the club in sports, institutional and financial terms."


The UEFA and the national football federations of England, Spain and Italy, as well as local league ties with Spain, Italy and England, signed a joint statement yesterday Sunday threatening to be excluded from domestic and international competitions for any club participating in the European Super League.