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Occupation Prison Administration continues to isolate prisoner, Rabiaa Abu Nawas

Occupation Prison Administration continues to isolate prisoner, Rabiaa Abu Nawas
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Gaza post

The Occupation Prison Administration has been isolating the prisoner Rabiaa Abu Nawas (32 years old) from the town of Sangel in Ramallah for more than a year and two months.


The prisoner club explained in a statement on Monday that the prisoner Abu Nawas, one of the prisoners who had faced the massive repression of the prisoners in the "Afar" prison in February 2020, during which time he was assaulted and wounded by the repression forces, was subsequently transferred to solitary confinement to date.


It was pointed out that the prisoner Abu Nawas was facing severe and tragic conditions in the solitary confinement cells of the Ashkelon prison, the last place to which he was transferred after a series of continuous transfers from the isolation of Raymond prison to the isolation of Uhlekdar and the isolation of Elon Ramla, until he was transferred to and remains in Ashkelon cells.


The prisoner club added that his wife had been able to visit him once after he had been transferred to isolation, at which time the prison administration had not allowed her to insert clothes for him or any of his needs, His family knew nothing about her son's situation over that time, especially after the epidemic had spread, and irregular visits by lawyers, which had placed him in double isolation, especially since the prison administration, once isolated, denied him access to the family.


It should be pointed out that the prisoner Abu Nawas is married and the father of three children, detained since October 2019, when he was transferred to seclusion, was arrested and was supposed to be sentenced for several months, However, after the prison administration claimed to have confronted one of the warders, the occupation authorities are now requesting a 16-year prison sentence, which is supposed to be held on 21 April.

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