An advanced robot

IOF begins using an advanced robot to work on Gaza borders

IOF begins using an advanced robot to work on Gaza borders

An advanced robot is created by IOF

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The Israeli newspaper  "Yediot Aharonot," announced  on Sunday that  the Gaza Division's northern brigade has begun using an advanced robot (an unmanned mechanism) to operate on the Strip's borders and carry out many tasks, the most important of which are border patrols, following up on strange movements, and attacking infiltrators.


"The robot developed by the Albete and Alta company has proven its effectiveness in field work in the Beit Lahiya and Beit Hanoun areas, after many years of experiments in light of the need to find an effective mechanism after the repeated failure of unmanned mechanisms that operated on the Gaza border previously," the newspaper stated.


"This is thanks to his provision of hundreds of sensitive sensors and firepower, in addition to the technology that allows him to work independently to decide his course, identify the work environment, resolve obstacles, and avoid conflict after his operator in the operating room determines the target," the Hebrew newspaper continued.


"The robot has the capability of independent work around the clock and is equipped with high-resolution cameras that enable it to discover the target in the long and near term," the statement continued.



"It can operate in dense fog situations, as well as strong lighting lamps and coded frequencies that avoid detection," she said.


It found out that if the resistance was successful in capturing it, it would be able to uninstall its components and send out signals to planes to kill it as soon as possible.


The division's leadership, for its part, stated that the robot's high technical capabilities, as well as its ability to remotely detect and follow targets and pounce on moving targets, contribute to reducing the number of soldiers on the border with Gaza and avoiding exposing them to threat.


It will not, however, be a stand-in for the company commander or battalion commander and his soldiers, who will be called upon to act in certain situations.

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