Twitter breaks down

Hours after the first break... Twitter breaks down again

Hours after the first break... Twitter breaks down again
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The social network, Twitter, broke down again, Saturday, a few hours after the service fell Friday night.

A Reuters report said thousands of users around the world have reported several problems that have hampered their use of the social network over the past hours.

In a tweet, the company said, "It probably doesn't downloud tweets for some of you. We're working to fix the problem, and you're going back to the Times line soon.




About 40,000 users reported problems with the social network service, on Friday night, according to Dawn Detector site.

The site tracks the interruptions of different social media services, based on different sources.

Dawn Detector  explained that the recent outages on Twitter may have hit a large number of users of the service.



According to the website, about half of the glitches came from users having problems accessing the computer version of the site.

At least 35 percent of the complainants also reported problems with Twitter being used by iPhone and iPad.

As many as 15 percent of users said they had problems while trying to log into the site, regardless of the nature of the device used.

On April 2, April 8, and April 15, as well as the current Friday glitch, the website monitored a glitch on Twitter for at least four times this April.


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