Palestinian Prisoners

On the anniversary of Palestinian prisoner day, 4500 prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons

On the anniversary of Palestinian prisoner day, 4500 prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons

Palestinian Prisoners

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The 17th of April marks the National Day for the Support of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Occupation Prisons, which was approved by the Palestinian National Council during its regular session, as a day for uniting efforts and actors to advocate for them and to uphold their legitimate right to freedom, particularly with the continued detention of 4500 prisoners.

This date was chosen to mark the day of the prisoner, as it marked the release of the first Palestinian prisoner, Mahmoud Bakr Hijazi, in the first exchange of prisoners between the Palestinians and the Israeli occupation.

The Twentieth Arab Summit in late March 2008, in the Syrian capital Damascus, approved the adoption of this day every year to celebrate it in all Arab States, in solidarity with Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli detention.

This anniversary is marked by the continued detention of some 4500 prisoners by the occupation forces, including 41 prisoners and 140 children under 18 years of age, they need careful follow-up and health care, and at least 10 prisoners have cancer, and tumors to varying degrees, among them the prisoner Fouad al-Shubki (82), the oldest prisoner.

According to monitoring and documentation studies, more than 16,000 Palestinian women have been arrested by the occupation authorities since 1967. The first prisoner in the history of the Palestinian revolution was Fatma Bernawi of Jerusalem, who was arrested in 1967, sentenced to life imprisonment and released in 1977.


According to follow-up by the competent institutions, 368 prisoners, including patients, older persons and children, have been infected with the corona virus since the beginning of the epidemic.


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