After most of the platforms are suffer ... Is it time for Club House to suffer from leaks?

After most of the platforms are suffer ... Is it time for Club House to suffer from leaks?
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Club house CEO Paul Davison declared the report alleging the leak of personal user data "false."

A report by Cyber News reported the publication of a database with user profiles, names and usernames, identifiers Twitter and Instagram and followers at a pirate forum online.

According to the website, it does not appear that sensitive user information, such as credit card numbers, was among leaked information containing 1.3 million user records.

A question was asked to the head of Cloub House about the veracity of the information which stated that the information of the users of the application was part of this leak. He replied, "This is misleading and wrong.
Cloub House has not been hacked, and the data referred to is the general information of the account within our application, that anyone can access via the app or our app programming interface. "

These responses raise some questions about the company's privacy position, which allows anyone to collect public information for accounts on a large scale.

Last week, Cyber News reported that the personal data of up to 500 million LinkedIn users had been collected and disseminated online.

The Microsoft-owned company said: "No private member account data from Linkedin was included in the leak."

The news came just two days after it was discovered that the personal data of some 533 million Facebook users had been leaked online free of charge.

According to Facebook, the leak included users' phone numbers, dates of birth, geographical locations, email addresses and full names.



Club  House achieved spectacular results in its first year, despite being only an advocacy system available only for iOS, with more than 10 million downloads.

Twitter and LinkedIn have launched competing social audio platforms, and Facebook is said to have one under development as well.

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