Barcelona Scout: Vinicius betray Catalan Club

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André Curie, the scout of the Barcelona Club in South America, revealed that Vinicius Junior, the Real Madrid wing, was close to moving to the Catalan club, if not for the betrayal of his agents, as he described it.

In an interview with Sport, Corrie stated that Barcelona wanted to include both Vinicius and Rodrigo, Real Madrid's players, before the Spanish capital club, and explained: For Vinicius, we wanted to contract him three and a half years before he joined Real Madrid, as his agents, Frederico Pena and Stefano Huila, were agreed, and I had a great friendship with them, and at the crucial moment of the contract, the betrayal took place, and they decided to sign for Real Madrid.


He added: Although Vinicius said that he was a fan of Barcelona, his ideal was Neymar, he asserted that Messi was better than Ronaldo, and then reversed his words after actually joining Madrid.


The scout continued: Vinicius's agents were in Barcelona, but Wagner Ribeiro, the famous business agent, called Valfortino Pérez and advised him to include the player, and then invited them to Madrid, and Johnny Calpat, director of international affairs for Real Madrid, he said the Brazilian couldn't join his team, because he knew the strong relationship I had with the player's environment, before Vinicius's agents returned to Barcelona, agreed with us, shook hands, then disappeared and betrayed us.

André Currie pointed out that Real Madrid did not trust the annexation of Vinicius, so they focused on contracting Rodrigo, adding: I knew Rodrigo a long time ago, I started negotiating with his agent, Nick Arcuri, we met twice with the president of Santos, I told them we had to reach an agreement before Real Madrid closed the deal, we wanted to pay 18 million to Vinicius and 20 million to earn Rodrigo, but Real Madrid spent 60 million on Vinicius, plus 6 million in commission, and 8 million signing bonuses and Rodrigo's father assured me that his son would rather go to Barcelona.