Israeli Occupation Crimes

IOF launches a wide arrests campaign in West Bank

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West Bank_ Gaza post

Israeli occupation forces on Friday, at dawn,  launched a campaign of arrests and searches of citizens' homes in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.


According to a reporter from the Gaza Post news site, the occupation forces arrested a number of citizens and took them to their investigation centres.


The occupation forces arrested young Amr Gabran Qaddus from Burin village, Nablus, after raiding his home.


The occupation forces broke into the home of prisoner Deputy Khalid Tafesh in Bethlehem and wreaked havoc on him before exiting.


The occupation forces raided several houses in the Al-Fondoq village in eastern Qalqilya governorate.


In Jerusalem, the occupation forces brutally assaulted Jerusalemite, accompanied by his children, in front of Bab al-Sahra in occupied Jerusalem.