Lawsuit Filed against Basnicker for human trafficking and sexual assault



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A lawsuit was filed on April 5 in Philadelphia against electronic dance music icon Basnicker for alleged sexual offences.


The lawsuit alleges that the two plaintiffs were sexually assaulted when they were minors by Ashton. In addition to Basnicker himself, the civil Lawsuit aims to hold companies and associated organizations responsible for "engaging in the human trafficking project, child pornography and sexual abuse" by facilitating alleged violations.


The lawsuit claims that Ashton's positive public image "is nothing more than a veil to conceal his desires and evil actions and a means of using his power and influence to sexually prepare and ultimately sexually harm underage girls."


In legal documents, the musician was accused of using social media, live shows and more to "win the trust of young girls" and will be asked to contact him through "secret messaging apps... So he can set them up eventually, sexual practices have caused them to send him explicit sexual images and use them more to satisfy him. "


Ashton allegedly invited underage girls to his hotel room after the shows, asking them to shower and have sex with them. " In addition, he was accused of providing "substantial cash and other items of value in return."


According to the Lawsuit, Bassnectar would suggest the plaintiffs watch the film "American Beauty," which follows a person engaging during a relationship with an underage woman.