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IOF arrests a Female of Fatah candidate and activists in movement from Jerusalem

Palestinian Elections

Palestinian Elections

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The occupation forces detained  on Tuesday a candidate on the Fatah movement's list, as well as a number of activists from the movement in occupied Jerusalem.


Ghada Abu Rabei, a member of the occupying forces from occupied Jerusalem, is a candidate for the Fatah movement's legislative election list, according to local sources.

According to the reports, the

com/en/post/113922/IOF-killed-a-Palestinian-and-wounded-his-wife-in-Jerusalem">occupation forces also detained Adel Abu Zneid, the director of the Fatah Movement's office in Jerusalem, after preventing him from holding a consultative meeting on Jerusalemites' involvement in legislative elections at the "Ambassador" Hotel.


Awad Al-Salaymeh, a movement activist, was detained by occupation intelligence, and Ahed Al-Rishq received a summons request while near the hotel.


Nasser Qous, the owner of the Asir Club in occupied Jerusalem, was detained by occupation forces while in the hotel for the conference.

Furthermore, the occupation authorities prohibit any national events or meetings in occupied Jerusalem, threatening to disrupt the city's upcoming elections.