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YouTube Kids ... An application for Arab children under family supervision

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

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YouTube, a Google corporation, has launched the "YouTube Kids" application in Arabic in 15 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region.

"YouTube Kids," according to "Reuters," is an independent application for viewing video recordings that provides a variety of content for children under the age of thirteen.


com/en/post/113900">app also includes a set of simple parental control and management tools that allow each family to select the settings that are best for their children.


The most important feature of this app is "Screen Time," which allows parents to set time limits for their children to watch videos.

According to Tariq Abdullah, Google's Regional Marketing Director for the Middle East and North Africa, the YouTube Kids app helps every family respond to their children's interests and curiosities.


He explained that the application offers a set of parental controls in order to provide a unique experience that meets the needs of the family.


He emphasized that the app contains content from educational programs and channels, as well as songs popular with children in the region, such as the Arabic version of the American program (Hello Simsim), the Emirati cartoon series (Mansour), and the Egyptian educational channel (Escola).