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Why Donald Trump forced to pay back $ 122?

Why Donald Trump forced to pay back $ 122?

Donaled Trump

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President Donald Trump has been ordered to refund $122 million to donors who were duped into making repeated donations to his reelection campaign in 2020.


According to a New York Times report, Trump's fundraising effort used misleading fundraising techniques, causing thousands of his backers to unintentionally sign up for repeat donations when they only planned to create one.


Thousands of lawsuits to banks and credit card firms have been filed as a result of the'scam,' which includes pre-ticked boxes on fundraising emails that are frequently hidden under lines of fine print.


The elderly and military veterans, as well as some seasoned political operatives, were among the victims, and many have been left with overdraft fees and credit card limits that have been exceeded.


Why  did donor complaints lead to the Trump campaign ultimately repaying $122 million in donations?


According to the New York Times, many of these unintended repeat donors thought they were signing up to make a one-time donation. According to the publication, some of the victims of the program, such as 63-year-old Stacy Blatt, were cancer patients who were unable to pay their bills and rent due to frequent contributions to Trump's campaign.

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