The Royal Mummies of Egypt

Transfer of Royal Mummies in Egypt to the Al-Fustat Museum

Transfer of Royal Mummies in Egypt to the Al-Fustat Museum
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The Royal Parade of Mummies has begun moving from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square in Cairo, in the midst of an international follow-up, of 400 channels around the world.


According to (Egyptian Today) site, the parade includes 22 royal mummies, 18 of whom are men and 4 are queens.


The procession revolves around Tahrir Square, after which it heads to Simón Bolívar Square and then walks along with the Cornish until it reaches the Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Al-Fustat.


The royal mummies date back to the times of the dynasties from 17 to 20, most notably King Ramesses II and King Seti I and II, as well as King Marinpattah, Queen Hachpasut and also Queen Ahamus Nefertari and Queen Maret Amun.


The Egyptian artillery fired 21 rounds in front of the Egyptian Museum as soon as the Royal Mummies left the Museum began their Al-Tahrir, and the military musical was played during the exit of the kings, wearing pharaonic costumes and led by the military musician Maestro Nader Abbasi, the mummies move in 22 pharaonic carts, each carrying one of the kings.


The parade of kings is presented by artists Hossein Fahmi, Mona Zaki, Asir Yassin and Susan Badr, wearing pharaonic costumes, then playing martial music.

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