What food causes intestinal poisoning?

What food causes intestinal poisoning?
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There's a bunch of food that's dangerous to the intestines. And that's what Dr Thomas Freling revealed.


According to Focus, the doctor said that food containing sugar, fries or chimney and bad fats such as margarine and mayonnaise must not be consumed in particular.


"Unhealthy foods spread to the intestines harmful bacteria, and over time make them vulnerable to various diseases," he explains.


To maintain health, the diet of the Mediterranean region rich in vegetables and dietary fibre is recommended.


In order to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa, the doctor is advised to add beans such as lentils, hummus and peas, and some vegetables such as spinach and carrots to the diet.


Bananas are also recommended, noting that all these nutrients contain compounds that positively affect the growth of anti-inflammatory gastrointestinal bacteria.

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