Develop laser capable of seeing hidden objects

Develop laser capable of seeing hidden objects
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Scientists in China developed a laser that could locate a hidden object within a mile, where researchers hid a plastic mannequin inside an apartment, released a laser emitter into its location, then located it by calculating how long it took for photons to hit different parts of the room and go back.


According to the British Daily Mail, the army can use technology, known as NLOS, to find enemy targets, or rescue teams to find victims.


This could also be useful in helping self-driving cars detect pedestrians and other vehicles from behind buildings.


A team from the Chinese University of Science and Technology has mastered new technical, prepared a laser emitter in Shanghai, then hid a mannequin behind a screen in an apartment about a mile away, and Some laser photons hit the wall of the apartment and went straight into a sensor next to the bug.


However, other particles hit the mannequin and reversed back on the wall of the apartment before returning to the sensor, given the time it took for photons to travel between different locations, they were able to figure out the extent to which each part of a model was placed from the wall and to create a three-dimensional approximation of its location.


It should be noted that previous experiments can only locate objects from about 10 feet away, because particles in air and lost environmental light confuse sensors, to overcome these obstacles, the new laser emitter used different telescopes that limited signal interference.

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