Brazil's Consumer Protection Authority fined Apple $2 million

Brazil's Consumer Protection Authority fined Apple $2 million
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The Consumer Protection Authority of Brazil fined Apple America, $2 million, because of one of its new policies, committed to and insisted by it.


According to "Mac Romers" and "Telt" websites, the Brazilian agency Apple fined about $1.92 million for removing the charger from iPhone 12, and the American company's move was considered to violate the country's Consumer Protection Act, according to the watchdog.


The Consumer Protection Agency of Brazil warned Apple of this violation in December but responded that removing the power charger from the phone box would reduce CO2 emissions and rare earth mining, it also explained to the Agency that many of its clients already had an additional power charger.


But the authority did not accept Apple's justification when it was fined $2 million, and its CEO, Fernando Kibbs, told Apple that it needed to respect Brazilian law.


Apple was also fined for refusing to repair iPhone phones damaged by water under the guarantee, despite promoting the long-term viability of its devices.

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