Russia launches 38 satellites, including 3 Arab satellites

Russia launches 38 satellites, including 3 Arab satellites
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The Russian Space Agency "Roskosmos" announced that the "Soyuz" 2.1a missile was launched Monday morning from "Baikanur" base, carrying 38 satellites for 18 countries, including 3 Arab countries.

In addition to satellites for Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, the Russian "Soyuz-a2.1" vehicle carries satellites for Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Italy, and a number of other countries.

The launch was scheduled to take place last Saturday, but "Roskosmos" decided to postpone it due to climatic conditions, to ensure the safety of the satellites.

It should be noted that among the satellites that the Russian "Soyuz" missile carried, the Tunisian "One Challenge" satellite, the first Arab and African satellite manufactured with 100% local capabilities, supervised by Tunisian engineers at the "Talnat" company, which specializes in technology and software. And electronic systems and engineering activities.

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