Netanyahu: The Palestinian state will be established, but in reverse

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his vision on the Palestinian state, stressing that this would be achieved, but in reverse, through peace agreements with the Arab countries first.

Netanyahu added to Hala TV: "I do not think that we will not establish relations with the Palestinians. We are now establishing a relationship with the Palestinian Authority regarding vaccinations because we live in the same place and we have to deal with the matter responsibly."

On the prevailing feeling that it is postponing and marginalizing the Palestinian issue, Netanyahu added: "I think that it is marginalizing himself because of the internal Palestinian politics and the presence of many problems there, and I do not want to address them because they are related to power struggles."

" But in the end, what is happening between us and the Arab countries, and what is happening in the State of Israel between Jews and Arabs, which I do not think I am a part of, but rather I am its captain, brings about a historical change in the relations between Jews and Arabs in general, and this is quite clear," he added.

Regarding his vision was the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, Netanyahu replied: "Not according to the extremist concept that people are talking about, because security control must remain in our hands, otherwise we will get Hamas, this means that power.