Even in Incognito mode, (Google) monitors its users!

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US reports indicated that a class-action lawsuit was filed against "Google", related to tracking the status of (Incognito).


Lucy Koh, a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, stated that "Google" did not notify users that data was still collecting from them while the incognito privacy mode was active, which gives the plaintiffs sufficient right to go ahead in their case, according to Sputnik in Arabic.


The main participants in the lawsuit accused "Google" of misleading users and telling them that their information was private but it was not.


In contrast, the American giant search responded that users agreed to its privacy policy willingly, and thus knew that Google was collecting data, and it was reported that it had warned that incognito mode did not mean being invisible.


Google designed an Incognito mode to keep sites out of the local search history and cookies, not to block all actions.


It is not clear that the general public is aware of the actual behavior of incognito mode, and the class action lawsuit may force Google to clarify to users what exactly happen when they use incognito. 


The lawsuit also represents a vitriol to companies that hide important information in their terms of service, especially since small number of users read the agreement items.