Crime at campus of University in Sudan

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Social media posts in Sudan have buzzed about the murder of a Sudanese student on campus.


Sadness and anger prevailed in Sudan after the murder of student Abdul Aziz Sadiq Mohammed, in the third level of the Faculty of Laboratory Sciences at Omdurman University Sunday morning by thieves who tried to steal his cellphone, stabbing the young man with a sharp machine.


University students went out to protest in denunciation of the incident, which a university statement published by the Sudanese news agency revealed occurred at around 9 Sunday morning, unknown men stabbed the student young man with a blunt stab wound.


In a statement, the University Administration said that the police had initiated criminal proceedings at the Omdurman morgue in search of the perpetrators, stressing that extensive investigations were continuing to uncover the circumstances of the incident.


Media users also denounced the crime, denouncing the fact that it took place on the campus of the university, this is amidst demands for actions aimed at protecting students, such as fencing the university from all directions, deploying the university guard to its entrances and preventing non-students from entering university accommodation.