The occupation arrests 4 Jerusalemites, summons others

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The Israeli occupation forces arrested and harassed 3 Jerusalemites from the Shuafat camp, at dawn today.

Local sources reported that an undercover unit supported by special forces from the occupation army stormed the Shuafat camp last night, and arrested 3 young men, and during that they severely beat them: the boy, Muhammad Abdel Haq, Mahmoud Hamdan, and the young man Wael Arar.

In Batn al-Hawa area in Silwan neighborhood, the intelligence services and the occupation forces stormed several houses, arrested the young Yusef al-Rajabi, and summoned others for investigation.

It is worth noting that the occupation forces carry out daily raids and searches in separate areas in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem that result in the destruction of property and theft of money, and the arrest of dozens, which raises the number of prisoners, especially the administrative ones, inside the occupation prisons.