Arabs Are Shocked and Saddened of Social Media Star's death.

Arabs Are Shocked and Saddened of Social Media Star's death.

Abdullah Al-Omari

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Jordanian social media star Abdullah Al-Omari, 23 year-old, known as Abood Omari, has passed away in a car accident on Saturday, while he was on a vacation with 4 of his friends in South Africa.


Al Omari father assured his son's death on social media, he wrote: 'With great sorrow and sadness, I mourn the death of my beloved son Abdullah Omar Al-Omari, who passed away this evening, in an unfortunate accident in South Africa.



Abood Omari's death was a super-hit news to all Jordanians as well as many Arabs, particularly Arab social media stars, especially after his successful appearance last Thursday with Jordanian presenter Nadia Al-Zoubi in her carpool talk show Laffeh With Nadia (A Ride With Nadia).


A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Ambassador Dhaifallah Ali Al-Fayez said that all the relatives of the deceased have been contacted and informed of the tragic incident, and his body will be transported to Jordan upon the request of his family.


Abood has been working on a comedy show to be premiered on Roya TV next Ramadan, starring with comedian stars, Khaled and Ayman Abli and Wissam Qutub.


* Ramadan,  the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (sawm), prayer, reflection and community .


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