Prisoners to protest against occupation prisons in Ofer

Prisoners to protest against occupation prisons in Ofer
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The Prisoners' Club announced, on Friday evening, that the Palestinian prisoners in Ofer occupation prison have decided a series of protest steps, starting from next Sunday.

The Prisoners' Information Office stated that the prisoners of Ofer during a press release, that "the protest steps may reach a gradual hunger strike, after the dialogue session failed again between them and the prison administration.


He added that the prison administration, instead of responding to the prisoners' demands, announced its threat to them and escalated the repression and searches against them, as well as threatened to transfer and suppress the regulatory bodies, despite the repeated dialogue sessions that were held over the past weeks until today.

Meanwhile, he added that the prisoners of Ofer prison are facing an escalation by the prison administration, and difficult detention conditions, which have exacerbated significantly recently, as a result of the repeated crackdowns and searches, and the imposition of more systematic disciplinary measures against them.

The prisoner club said that since the beginning of this year, about 900 prisoners in Ofer prison have faced incursions and extensive and repeated searches, the most violent of which took place on the sixth of last January.

It also stated that the occupation prisons administration pursues repeated repression and searches, in addition to a set of systematic abuse policies against the prisoners, to impose more control and oversight on them, and strike any stability within the departments.

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