Guess who photographed it and where? famous "Windows" image

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Gaza Post

An Image of a green hill under a very clear and blue sky, who did not see it while using the old Windows XP. But it did not even dawn on anyone of us that this image was actually real and was not just designed.


The image was seen by billions of people, and it kept appearing automatically in front of those who initiate the use of the old operating system "Windows XP," and it stuck in everyone's mind.


According to "SFGATE" site, the image was taken on Highway12 in Sanoma, California, USA, on a Friday, January 1996, in the nineties of the last century.


This area was magical, covered by vineyards, at that time Charles Aurere was driving his car towards his young beloved lady whom became his wife later during his way he took the image.

Charles said that driving a car in this region during January often gives the driver much rest and relaxation .


Aurere, 79 years old, put the photo in a Photo Agency Center, and when Microsoft inspired by it, it paid him a significant amount of money in exchange for its intellectual rights.


Charles has worked for nearly two decades at the Los Angeles Times and the Kansas City Star, but he knows well that it is the image of Windows XP that will always make people remember him.