With six legs and two tails, little puppy (skipper) manages to survive

With six legs and two tails, little puppy (skipper) manages to survive
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The "prodigy puppy" was born with six legs and two tails.

According to the British newspaper "The Sun", Scientists faced a "scientific miracle" though a puppy was born with six legs and two tails, she managed to survive and its owner confirmed that the puppy is in good health.


The workers at the "Neal" Veterinary Hospital in the state of Oklahoma, USA, said: "This is a miracle, we named the puppy dog, Skipper.



Neal Veterinary Hospital  posted on Facebook page: "She has lived longer than we thought, Skipper is the first puppy in the world has ever been born under the same conditions and has lived this long (4 days)."


They added: "As you can see, she is a little different, she was born with six legs and two tails. As she suffers from some kind of disorders and birth defects."


Veterinarians explained that this birth defect is called "monocephalus dipygus",  the extra organs that Skipper possesses, two areas in the pelvis, two urinary tracts, two reproductive systems, two tails and six legs, which is the result of the presence of two embryos that were not separated properly in the womb, and it is believed that this is the first dog to be born alive with this health condition.


All Skipper legs are moving and responding to stimuli normally. However, she may need physical therapy and mobility assistance as she grows older due to signs of spina bifida along his spine.


Skipper was born in the United States with eight other healthy siblings. But Skipper's mother refused to breastfeed him, and he is currently feeding from a milk bottle.


"Skipper" returned home with his owner, but experts assured that they will continue to monitor his condition, to help him live pain-free and comfortable for the rest of his life.

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