Ministry of Health: Current Epidemiological Situation is Catastrophic in Palestine

Ministry of Health: Current Epidemiological Situation is Catastrophic in Palestine
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Mr. Osama Al-Najjar- the Allied Medical Services General Manager in the Ministry of Health ensured that "the epidemiological situation in Palestine is disastrous and that the epidemiological trend is rising very sharply".


Al-Najjar clarified that "infection numbers are rising abruptly, because of the rapid spread of the corona-virus. This time, the infections are different. Young people have complicated symptoms and need hospitalization.



Al-Najjar continued, "We were warned of reaching the problematic stage of choices, and we are now receiving very critical cases, and we are also trying to increase hospital beds to accommodate the huge number of Corona cases, he also stressed that the cause of the wide rise was the daily habits's practice without  commitment to preventive measures and also the rapid spreading genetic mutation of the virus".


He said, there are multiple infections in children, but the only advantage is that symptoms do not appear as clearly as older people and make them carriers of infection, and this is indeed what has been monitored over the past period.


About the whole closure, Al-Najjar emphasized that the epidemiological curve is rising and we need this curve to at least stabilize, we also need to break the epidemiological chain of direct human encounter. This can only be achieved by imposing strict closure measures for at least two weeks, which is the life cycle of the virus, so that we break the chain of spread of the epidemic and return the curve to stability, and so that we can give the Ministry of Health the opportunity to absorb the number of corona patients, It has already been recommended to the High Emergency Committee, which will make the decision.


On the date of arrival of the vaccine, Al-Najjar  said that there was still a blur on this issue, and there was an intense follow-up by the competent committee of the Ministry of Health to ensure that there were probably some vaccines donated by several countries that would arrive in the coming days, hopefully in order to complete the vaccination process that we started in the first phase, feeding 7,000 medical personnel.

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