YouTube launches Parental Control Feature for Families with their Children.

YouTube launches Parental Control Feature for Families with their Children.
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YouTube to launch a new feature to allow parents to control what their children watch according to age category.


YouTube announced that it will soon introduce a new parental control experience, a set of restrictions that allow parents to have better control to the content their children watch, as well as what they can do — like create videos or leave comments, for example..


The company said, "It hopes that this feature will help parents to raise the awareness to their children to age-appropriate content and features outside the YouTube Kids app".


In the coming months, new beta version will be launched for parents to grant kids more limited access to YouTube through a “supervised” Google Account. YouTube said that over time these features can be added through a "age-appropriate" approach.


"As children grow up, they have insatiable curiosity, and they like to be independent and to find new methods to learn creativity and belonging," James Pesser, director of product management at YouTube, said in a statement.


Many parents may have already set up a supervised Google Account for their child through Google’s Family Link parental control app.


A parent-controlled Google account will allow parents to select between three different levels of YouTube access for their tween or teen:

1/ Explore (9 years and up) including vlogs, tutorials, gaming videos, music clips, news and educational content. This would allow the kids to watch things like their favorite gaming streamer with kid-friendly content,

2/ Explore More (13 years and up)  This expands the set of videos kids can access and allows them access to live streams in the same categories as “Explore.” , and Most of YouTube (which includes almost all YouTube videos except those that include age-restricted content that isn’t appropriate for viewers under 18.) .

The company "YouTube" owned by "Google" indicated that the feature "may make mistakes and it will be evolved over time."

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