What is the Reason for the Uprooting of Giraffe's Heart by This Woman?

What is the Reason for the Uprooting of  Giraffe's Heart by This Woman?

Merylis van der Murphy ,who killed the giraffe and snatched its heart

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She caught the heart of a giraffe and snatched his heart and published a picture titled "My happiness untold my great Valentine's Day gift, I have hunted so many animals that I cannot count, but I am still excited" ,Merylis van der Murphy said.

Who is  Merylis van der Murphy and what is her story?

A British woman who loves hunting ,who took advantage of the gift of her husband, which is a hunting trip to South Africa, to practice her hobby to pay two thousand dollars by shooting to kill a giraffe.

Then she snatched its heart and present her husband with a gift in the valentine's Day.


Her husband is 32 years old, who fulfilled her dream and took her on a trip to South Africa near Sun City northwest of Johannesburg.

The male giraffe has reached the age of 17 and is a species classified as endangered by the International Union for Wildlife Protection.

But this woman is planning on making a large giraffe rug ,which is another reason for killing the girrafe.

She claims that it has provided jobs for 11 people and meat for the local community in this fishing process.

"The woman continues to justify her crime by saying, 'This killing of the animal means that a new male can take over and provide powerful genes for the herd,".


Moreover, this woman has been hunting since the age of five and has killed up to 500 animals, including lions, tigers and elephants.


Trophy hunting' is the term used for an animal that keeps a part of it as  head,  skin, or the horn'.


This phenomenon helps to reduce the number of endangered species of animals.

The majority of hunters are Americans who are interested in the International Safari Club community, which it supports the killing of wild animals in order to allow its members to compete for almost 50 .awards

Elephants, lions, rhinos and tigers are among the animals most needed for hunting.

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