Why did famous (Sexy Tea) chain apologize to women?

Why did famous (Sexy Tea) chain apologize to women?
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A Chinese popular beverage Chain (Sexy Tea), apologized for using sexual slogans on its merchandise, as a picture of the mug went viral on Chinese social media site Weibo and quickly attracted a barrage of criticism.


Sexy Tea referred to women as a 'bargain' on one of its mugs, adding that customers could choose a woman to sit with while waiting for their drinks.


Various local phrases were printed on the mugs such as "Jian Lu ji", which means "a bargain at a low price".


The shop gave customers instructions and examples of how to use the phrase in a correct way: "When I went to buy bubble tea, there were lots of pretty girls there. If you meet one like this, you can tell your friend - I picked up a bargain".


It is a worthy-noting that it was not the first accident for "Sexy teat" chain. The shop sold tea bags with the slogan "Master, I want you" along with images of tadpoles.


The chain recently launched a range of "Changsha Dialect mugs" - a dialect spoken predominantly in the capital of Hunan Prefecture widely. It is reported that the chain has a reported 270 outlets there. 


The company later issued a long statement apologizing for its interpretation of the phrase. It said that it had no intention of "affront women." "we are very ashamed" of our recent designs and we would recall its latest range of mugs.


"We made a very inappropriate sentence that even people in Changsha did not approve of, we are very ashamed. We have absolutely no intention of disrespecting women," it said.


"We will immediately recall the batch of Changsha dialect themed mugs and seriously reflect on this incident." it added.


Some people commented: "Didn't anyone in the marketing team see anything wrong with this? it is not the first time Sexy Tea has used sexually suggestive phrases in its marketing campaigns."

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