and another portion of "AstraZeneca" vaccine.

WHO: 11,000 doses of "Pfizer" vaccine to reach Gaza within two weeks

WHO: 11,000 doses of "Pfizer" vaccine to reach Gaza within two weeks
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The Emergency Aid Coordinator at the World Health Organization, Abdel Nasser Subuh, revealed that 11,200 doses of the "Pfizer - Sputnik" vaccine will arrive in the Gaza Strip within two to three weeks, as part of a total batch of 37 thousand and 44 doses that will reach the Authority.

Subuh said in a special statement to Palestine newspaper, about his participation in the conference announcing the start of vaccination for the Corona vaccine: "There is another batch of 240,000 doses of "AstraZeneca" vaccine that will be directed to the Authority in the coming weeks, Gaza’s share of it has not been determined yet.


He added, "The part allocated to Gaza from the total amount of that batch will be determined when the batch of vaccines arrives, based on a study of the foreign aid and grants that arrived in Gaza."

Subuh emphasized that the Health Organization is supporting the Palestinian Ministry of Health in bringing vaccines through the Kovacs Program, which includes 191 countries, and will provide 20% of the population's needs for countries that cannot purchase the vaccine or find it difficult to provide it.

Meanwhile, he indicated that the organization will coordinate and bring in vaccination, expressing his hope to vaccinate one million people in the sector until the end of this year.

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