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20,000 Doses of Coronavirus Vaccines Arrives Gaza Strip due to Dahlan Efforts'

20,000 Doses of Coronavirus Vaccines Arrives Gaza Strip due to  Dahlan Efforts'

20000 doses of COVID_19 arrived Gaza

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20 thousand doses of coronavirus vaccines arrived in the Gaza Strip on Sunday afternoon through the Rafah crossing point with Egypt, which were donated by the the United Arab Emirates to combat Coronavirus and keep the epidemic curve stable, officials said.


These vaccinations come with the efforts of the leader of the democratic reformists within Fatah movement Muhammad Dahlan who lives in Abu Dhabi.


Sufyan Abu Zaida, a leader in the Democratic Reformists said that this amount will be donated to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, and it will form a safety net for patients and the elderly who are most at risk of contracting the coronavirus.


 Abu Zaida expressed hope that the quantities will reach our people in the West Bank and Jerusalem.


Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas leader and undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development in Gaza said that “this is not the first time that we have stood at the Rafah crossing to receive aid from the UAE, with the efforts of Muhammad Dahlan.”


The Democratic Reformists had  previously carried a lot of equipment and devices donated by the UAE and were sent to the Gaza Strip.


“last time there was a generating oxygen station which had a great impact on saving patients who have gone through difficult circumstances,” Hamad said.


 He added “It is a bold and appreciated step, and it is an additional opportunity to save our people in the Gaza Strip." 


Hamad went on saying that "This is a great achievement and we are all proud of it, and God willing, it will be the beginning of a smooth delivery of this aid to the Gaza Strip."

 He added, "We thank Muhammad Dahlan for his continuous efforts in support of the Gaza Strip, and the democratic reform movement that has spared no effort in bringing these vaccines to the Gaza Strip."


The vaccines will be sent immediately to the stores of the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the vaccination process will start tomorrow Monday, according to spokesman of the Hamas-run Ministry of Health Ashraf al Qedra.


He said a campaign of vaccination will start on Monday allover the Gaza Strip and will include the vaccination of medical staff, then patients with chronic diseases and those who transplanted organs.


It is the first largest shipment of vaccines the Gaza Strip had received since the outbreak of the pandemic last March. 


Last week, the PA sent 2,000 vaccines of the same kind to the Gaza Strip.

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