Palestine will sue Jewish National Fund before ICC: Palestinian PM

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   Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtaye said on Monday that the Jewish National fund is one of the Israeli settlement’s tools and will be sued before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

   Ishtaye told the weekly cabinet meeting in Ramallah, according to a press statement, that the Jewish National Fund (JNF) will be active these days in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.”

   “I ask every Palestinian citizen to be careful of the attempts to fraud and deceive the Palestinians to sell their lands through brokers that belong to the Jewish National Fund,” Ishtaye said.

   He added that the Palestinian side will list the JNF as one of the tools that supports settlement in the Palestinian territories before the ICC “to be prosecuted there.”

   “The Jewish National Fund is registered in Britain, the United States, Canada and Israel as a charitable association. It receives donations that are exempt from taxes and the funds are used in building illegal settlement,” Ishtaye said.

   Two days ago, the Israeli media reported that the JNF discussed a proposal to regulate its activity in the West Bank, to be able to purchase land and develop Israeli settlements.

   The report said that According to the proposal, the fund plans to formally work to purchase private lands for Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank for the purpose of a possible expansion of settlements.

   Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians remained stalled since it had stopped in the spring of 2014 when the U.S. had sponsored it for nine months and ended without any breakthrough due to deep differences on the settlements, Jerusalem, and the borders of the Palestinian state.