Annexation Plans

Khirbet Humsa is One of Israeli Annexation Plans

Khirbet Humsa is One of  Israeli Annexation Plans

Humsa AL_Fawqa Village

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Twenty structures between residential and sheep pens for several Palestinian families in the village of Humsa al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley and 5 tents built by the Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority were demolished on Wednesday by the Israeli occupation forces.

Walid Assaf, Head of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee, added that twenty facilities in the village in the Al-Baqi'ah Plain were demolished by the occupation, suggesting that 40 facilities for the same families were demolished two days earlier.

When the occupation forces raided Khirbet Humsa late at night in the northern Jordan Valley and dismantled the tents given to the civilians by the Resistance and Settlement Authority instead of the ones they demolished this morning.

Abu al-Kabbash and his family, the owner of the demolished house ,which consisted of 17 members, are awaiting the fate of the actual displacement after his grandparents from the Hebron region (the south of the West Bank) sought refuge in this area since 1955 following their displacement in the Palestinian Nakba in 1948.

At the beginning of last November, Humsa al-Fawqa, inhabited by around 80 Palestinians, was completely demolished, and at that time the occupation demolished 73 homes and facilities, all of them tin, as stone building was forbidden in the Jordan Valley, but the people rebuilt their homes, so on Wednesday the occupation demolished them again.

In the last four years, the village has turned into a scene of Israeli military exercises, which were forcing the people to leave their homes for days due to the use of live ammunition, in addition to the threats of settlers in the colonies of "Rawai" and "Ba Ka'ot" established on their lands.

Israel aims to evacuate the congregation, remove all Palestinian traces from it and hand it over to the colonists, as well as use it for political, economic and agricultural purposes.

To sum up, Homsa represents one of 27 villages with a population cluster in the Jordan Valley, which constitutes a quarter of the West Bank. Israel seeks to liquidate the Palestinian presence in it, and turn it into settlement and military areas, and annex it to its "state" within plans to annex 30% of the West Bank.

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