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Emerging Details about COVID-19 vaccinations in Gaza

Emerging Details about COVID-19 vaccinations in Gaza

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Head of the Emergency Team at the World Health Organization in the Gaza Strip, Dr. Abdel Nasser Subuh announced the latest news related to the arrival of vaccines in Gaza.

First: Kovacs will provide countries that can not purchase the vaccine with 2 billion vaccines, and Palestine is among those candidate countries, and as a first payment, it will receive 37,440 vaccines on the fifteenth of February.

Second, if authorised by the World Health Organization, 240 to 400 thousand 'AstraZeneca' vaccines will be sent to Palestine and are scheduled to arrive at the end of February.

Third: there will be a share of these vaccines in the Gaza Strip and 11,200 Kovacs Foundation vaccines will arrive in Gaza.

Fourth: We do not have any details on the occupation's vaccine protection from reaching Gaza and I expect vaccines to arrive in the Strip next week through the World Health Organization and UNICEF, which are overseeing the transition.

Fifth, the Authority acquired the Russian vaccine and donated $10 million and a half million worth of the vaccine.

Sixth: Every person needs two doses of the vaccine, and when we talk about 300 doses, that means only 150 people are vaccinated.

Seventh: The latest Coronavirus surge has occurred in more than 78 nations, including the State of Occupation and the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip is not far from the emergence of cases infected with the new mutation.

It is worth noting that the new mutation is very dangerous due to the speed of spread compared to the first mutation of the Coronavirus.

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