Hamdouna warns against ignoring the spread of coronavirus among prisoners

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The director of the Prisoners Center for Prisoner Studies, the editor, Dr. Raafat Hamdouna, called on, on Tuesday, the Palestinian, Arab and international humanitarian and human rights institutions to put pressure on the occupation to save the lives of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons as the increase in the number of prisoners infected with coronavirus, whose number has reached more than (350) infections since the beginning of the epidemic.

Dr. Hamdouna warned, during a press statement, received a copy of the Gaza Post, from the occupation government and the administration of the Prisons Authority ignoring the increasing spread of the virus among prisoners, calling on Amnesty International and humanitarian and human rights institutions to put pressure on the occupation because it did not respond to any human rights call in this regard and did not release a prisoner one even if he is ill in a state of extreme danger, or even very old at the age of eighty, or for a prisoner child.

Dr. Hamdouna pointed out that the danger on the sick prisoners is especially chronic diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, diabetes, blood pressure, kidneys and cancer, and he called for the importance of visiting prisoners and being informed of the case of their lives, because the Israeli Prison Authority administration throughout the pandemic did not take any form of prevention, safety, care, health care and treatment and medical follow-up measures, according to international agreements and conventions.