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Facebook Remove Netanyahu's post for Violating Privacy Rules

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Facebook announced on Monday that it had deleted a post and temporarily suspended the chat program (Messenger) on the page of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after his announcement that  he wanted phone numbers for people to call and convince them to receive Corona vaccines.


Netanyahu posted video clips on Twitter last Thursday urging elderly people to receive the vaccine, and ended up asking for phone numbers, saying, "If you know someone who is worried about vaccination and he sends me his name and phone number, they might receive a surprise phone call from me and I will persuade them."

A line close to the one on the Prime Minister's page was posted by Facebook Messenger, which the site later removed because of privacy issues, and the video is still on Twitter.

A Facebook spokeswoman said, "According to our privacy policy, we do not allow content that shares or requests medical information about people. We have deleted the offending post and temporarily suspended the Messenger program that shared this content for violating these rules."