Push-ups exercise is the new punishment in Indonesia

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The Indonesian police applied a different kind of punishment to foreign tourists in island of Bali who did not adhere the preventive measures against the outbreak of the Corona-virus, such as wearing masks , and the penalty was forcing them to do some strenuous exercises such as "push-up", as well as It was applied in India during the beginning of the pandemic.


Justi Agung Kitut Suriyanegara, Indonesian policeman, said that the Indonesian police have arrested dozens of foreigners since the beginning of the new year for not follow the instructions,  pointing out that tourists say at first that they are not aware of the law, a few minutes later they started to argue policemen saying that they forgot the masks or it is unusable.


Since last year, the tourist island of Bali has imposed wearing masks in public places to limit the outbreak of the Corona virus, and during the current year it imposed a fine about ($7) on more than 70 people, but 30 others were forced to do push-up exercises, as a punishment for them.


In order to confront Corona, Indonesia has proposed a budget of 20.9 trillion rupees (1.49 billion dollars) to buy the Corona vaccine from Sinovac, according to the Indonesian Minister of Health. The Indonesian government has estimated that a comprehensive vaccination campaign in the country may cost between 66 and 75 trillion rupees (4.7 billion dollars to $ 5.34 billion).


Indonesia received 3 million doses of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, and it will receive about 122.5 million more doses.