Australia helps Palestine with $1million to combact Corona crisis.

Australia helps Palestine with $1million to combact Corona crisis.
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Maris Payne, Australian Foreign Minister, announced that the State of Palestine has granted one million US dollars through the World Health Organization to confront the Corona pandemic, by providing medical equipment and technical assistance, affirming her country's support towards the Palestinian people and the two-state solution.


Mark Bailey, Australian Ambassador, delivered on Thursday a message from Maris Payne to Riad al-Maliki, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, in response to Al-Maliki's call for providing medical aid to the Palestinian people to confront the Corona pandemic.


Al-Maliki praised Australia's efforts to face the pandemic, expressing the Palestinian government's needs to the Australian support due to the high number of injuries and deaths and the deteriorating health conditions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. He also mentioned the serious efforts made by Palestinian medical staff, despite the lack of medical resources.


He reviewed the latest political developments on the Palestinian arena, confirming the need to preserve the principle of the two-state solution in accordance with agreed international law and standards, in order to establish stability and lasting peace in the Middle East, referring to President Mahmoud Abbas’s decree to hold legislative and presidential elections.


He referred to the Palestinian efforts to provide the vaccine, in terms of the government's contacts with various countries of the world, stressing that in light of giving citizens in Israel the Corona vaccines, it is incumbent on the occupying power, according to international law, to ensure that the Palestinians receive the vaccine as well.


Bailey asserted the continuation of the cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

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