4 new cases recorded in Negev Prison

Number of prisoners infected with COVID-19 increases to 249

Number of prisoners infected with COVID-19 increases to 249
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The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority announced on Saturday that 4 prisoners in the Negev Prison have been infected with the coronavirus.

The authority reported that the number of prisoners infected with the coronavirus in the occupation prisons has risen to 249.

Moussa Dudin, the Hamas official responsible for the file of prisoners, martyrs, and wounded, had warned of the persistence of the occupation prisons administration in targeting the lives of prisoners, following the outbreak of the Corona epidemic inside prisons.

Dudin pointed out that the prison administration ignored all warnings and human rights demands and continued to disregard the lives of the prisoners.

Dudin held the occupation fully responsible for the lives of every prisoner inside the detention centers, stressing that the occupation would pay the price, and only would bear the consequences of that.

The administration of the occupation prisons deliberately abuse the prisoners under the pretext of the epidemic and uses it as a tool to oppress the prisoners by neglecting their conditions and depriving them of general preventive means such as disinfectants, sterilizers, cleaning materials and masks, which pushes the prisoners to buy them at their own expense, in addition to the double isolation process that the prisoners face.

The number of prisoners killed by the occupation through deliberate medical negligence measures (slow killing), which is part of a fixed and systematic policy, has reached (71) since 1967.

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