Details of the injury of an Israeli soldier in Al- Mughayer

Details of the injury of an Israeli soldier in Al- Mughayer
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An Israeli soldier was injured by stones thrown at him during clashes that erupted in Al- Mughayir village, north of Ramallah, on Friday afternoon, and a young man was wounded by Israeli bullets.

Hebrew media reported that the soldier was wounded by stones thrown in the face during clashes near Mughayer, and he was transferred to Hadassah Hospital for treatment.

A protest took place from the center of Al Mughayer village, against the continuous targeting by the occupation and settlers of the citizens and their lands.

It is noteworthy that the occupation arrested 16 citizens of the village last night, and released 6 of them at a later time, and posted leaflets on the walls of houses threatening the villagers with arrest.

Ayman Abu Alia, the father of the child martyr Ali Abu Alia, who was murdered on the fourth of last month, and who was arrested and released at a later time, stated that the occupation army officers threatened to kill his sons, just like their martyr brother.

The village was subjected to attacks by settlers, especially against trees, as hundreds of trees were cut down in the area, except that farmers are prevented from accessing the lands they own due to the presence of real threats by settlers to target them.

In 2004, the first attack was against the trees of the people of Al Mughayer village, when settlers cut down 100 trees, and in 2010 settlers resorted to burning trees with chemicals inside the soil, which resulted in killing the trees and burning them from the roots.

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