Palestinian Elections

What is the Purpose of New Amendments on Palestinian Elections'?

What is the Purpose of New Amendments on Palestinian Elections'?

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Member of the Executive Committees of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Fatah Central Committee, Azzam Al-Ahmad, expected President Mahmoud Abbas to hand over the decrees of holding elections on the 20th of this month to the Central Elections Committee headed by Dr. Hanna Nasser.

During comments to the official Palestinian radio station, followed by the Gaza Post news website, Al-Ahmad explained that the legislative elections would take place on 22 May next, given that the presidential elections would take place two months later, and subsequently to the National Council, noting that the national elections vary from the elections to the Legislative Council and the elections to the members.

He added that on the next day, President Mahmoud Abbas stressed the need for Palestinian unity to set the date for the elections by holding dialog and consultations to make the electoral process a success and sign a document of honor so that everyone complies with the wording of the law.

Given that after the elections are concluded, the dialogue will be resumed to create a national unity government to politically and legally end the state of division.

 Leader of the Fatah movement, Azzam Al-Ahmad, stated that the changes made to the electoral law are aimed at strengthening trust between all factions, enhancing our people's democratic rights, and overcoming some of the hurdles that may be behind the completion of the elections.

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