Real Madrid achieves the highest revenue during corona era

Real Madrid achieves the highest revenue during corona era
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A study by the (KPMG) auditing company revealed that Real Madrid, the Spanish soccer champions, achieved total revenues of 681.2 million euros (832 million dollars) during 2019-2020 despite the fact that revenues decreased by 8%.

The revenue of the Spanish champion is the largest among the clubs winning domestic titles in the six major European competitions.

Bayern Munich, the German champion, reached 607.2 million euros, followed by Liverpool (557 million euros) and Paris Saint-Germain (540.6 million euros).

The revenue of Juventus, the Italian champion, amounted to 401.

4 million euros, while the revenue of Portuguese champions Porto was the lowest among the six champions, as it only achieved 87.3 million euros.

The study confirmed that all major competition champions in Europe suffer from a decrease in operating profits due to the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With many matches canceled or held without fans since March until now, matchday revenue losses for all major competitions champions except for Porto were the largest for these clubs, and Real suffered losses amounting to 34.9 million euros.

Only Bayern Munich (5.9 million euros) and Real Madrid (300,000 euros) achieved net profits for the champions clubs for the 2019-2020 season, unlike the case in the 2018-2019 season when profits were made from all the champions.

Paris Saint-Germain suffered the largest net loss, amounting to 125.8 million euros, as the French league was the only one in major domestic competitions to be decided not to complete in April due to coronavirus.

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