Shocking study: Can you imagine what happens to someone lost a dear person?

Shocking study: Can you imagine what happens to someone lost a dear person?
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People are usually going into deep sadness when one of their special people dies, but the loss ramifications may not stop at the limits of the psychological effects receiving news of the loved's death sometimes cause organic health disorders, which can be very dangerous, according to medical opinions.

According to the "Washington Post"  breathing accelerate, high blood pressure and  nausea are an expected symptoms to the news recipient .

Dorothy Hollinger, a psychologist, says on his book "The core of sadness,"  that the body undergoes a number of changes after experiencing the deaths of someone of his relatives.

The author explains that "the sadness that covers the human being pushes the brain to establish new neural connections, and this order would lead to new habits in the absence of an important person."
He added: "It may develop into disturbing changes, such as sleep disturbances, immune system and blood pressure. "

Doctors refer to a condition known as "broken heart syndrome", which means that a person loses someone close, and harmful reactions occur in his body, such as the heart muscle, and he may even dies within a short time as a result of someone's death.

This syndrome also occurs when critical life events occur, such as separate with a husband or lover, traumatic family problems, and  severe betrayal. Press reports mentioned that a wife  passed away only a few days after her husband's death because of the extreme sadness.

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